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  • What is a Spiritual Director's role?
    A spiritual director prayerfully listens to the experience of the directee and helps the directee take notice of, reflect on and discern their own experience of God.
  • What does Spiritual Direction include?
    - Entering into an intentional and regular relationship that focuses on deepening your relationship with God - Opening your prayer life and experience of God to another - Listening to the desires God has placed in your heart - Letting the Holy Spirit set the direction of the conversation
  • What is My Commitment?
    - To attend monthly one hour sessions with an open heart, mind and spirit - To remaining faithful to your personal prayer life between meetings
  • What is Toni's Expertise?
    - I am a Spiritual Director trained and certified by Leadership Transformation Inc. SELAH Spiritual Directions Certificate Program. - I abide by the Code of Ethics of the Evangelical Spiritual Director’s Association. - I am also a trained facilitator of Mending the Soul and Life with God Series.

In the midst of our busy lives many of us find it difficult to stop and notice God’s presence throughout the day. Yet, at a deeper level all of us desire a deeper awareness of God’s presence. Each of us has a sacred story unfolding that is inviting our attention. Spiritual Direction, though practiced in the Church for centuries, is increasingly sought by people today who desire a deeper relationship with God and someone to accompany them on their journey.

The tradition has consistently defined the practice of Spiritual Direction as an art that recognizes the Holy Spirit as the True Director. This model of Spiritual Direction is: Trinitarian in theology, Contemplative in style and Biblical in grounding.

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